"Because of CARFAC's effort, I was recently paid to exhibit at a public art gallery's group show! #whyCARFAC."

"#whyCARFAC? Belonging to a Canadian artist community and feeling supported. It has helped me learn and grow as an artist, and I have met so many great artists and friends through CARFAC."

"It has always made sense to support the one artist-run organization that advocates for visual & media artists! Being a member plugs me into a vast knowledge base built up over decades and connects me to artists across Canada and even internationally."

These are some of the few reasons our members value the service that CARFAC provides artists. But we’ve done enough talking over our 2 decades of existence! We want to hear from YOU, BC artists! Why is being a member of CARFAC BC important to you? Is it the advocacy for artist fees? Or the fact that we are actively pursuing resale rights for artists? Or is it that we offer advice and professional development opportunities specifically tailored to artists' needs? The truth is, ALL of this matters and more.

Use the hashtag #whyCARFAC, and help us spread the word! Let other artists in the province know all the many ways in which we can benefit and aid in their successful careers as professional working artists.