What We Do

CARFAC BC aims to raise the socio-economic status of our artists by:

1. Advocating on behalf of the visual arts sector

2. Providing information to artists and non-artists on the moral rights of artists on issues of copyright, exhibition and reproduction

3. Promoting the development of a cohesive provincial visual arts sector by developing communication tools and liaising between regional visual arts associations

4. Advancing awareness of the visual arts in the province

5. Acting as a liaison between the visual arts sector, government, cultural organizations, art galleries and the public

6. Acting as a spokesperson on issues specific to visual artists

7. Serving as a communication link between CARFAC BC members and CARFAC, the national visual arts service organization

CARFAC BC holds numerous workshops throughout the year to address the needs of visual artists and their development.

CARFAC BC gives visual artists the ability to speak wih a unified voice.