NEWS: CARFAC BC 2015-16 Gallery Survey Available Now!

NEWS: CARFAC BC 2015-16 Gallery Survey Available Now!

NEWS: CARFAC BC 2015-16 Gallery Survey Available Now!

For Immediate Release | Jun. 30, 2016

VANCOUVER--The 2015-16 BC Gallery Survey is now available in the Members' Section of the CARFAC BC website! To access it, visit our website here and log in using the member password. If you are a member but can't remember this password, please email Membership Coordinator, Greer Attridge, at

The goal of the Gallery Survey survey is to alert artists—and the galleries surveyed—to the Exhibition Right enshrined in Canadian Copyright Law, which calls for the payment of artists’ fees in publicly funded galleries.

We hope artists will find this survey useful in deciding which galleries to submit their work to. Every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information listed. However, conditions can change quickly, so we advise artists to consult the galleries’ websites or staff directly to confirm requirements before making a submission. We cannot be responsible for situations arising from any incorrect or out-of-date information. Our list of galleries, while not complete, is an attempt to cover the range of exhibition spaces that exist in BC in terms of category and geography.

CARFAC thanks all galleries included for taking the time to participate!

Earlier this week, CARFAC National also released the CARFAC/RAAV Fee Calculator, an excellent resource for artists and galleries for determining which minimum fee rate applies to their various arts-related projects, negotiations, proposals, exhibitions, and more!

If you are a non-member but are interested in accessing CARFAC BC's survey, consider becoming a member today!


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