Certificate of Canadian Origin


This certificate identifies original works of art of Canadian origin, allowing them to be temporarily exported abroad without GST implications. Approved by Revenue Canada and Customs and Excise, it is valid only when signed by another CARFAC member and signed and sealed by the CARFAC National office.

Processing of the certificate of Canadian Origin is available to members at a reduced rate, and to non-members at the full rate. Once completed and signed, send the Certificate(s) to CARFAC National along with a fee of $25.00 for the first certificate and $5.00 each for additional certificates being sent at the same time. CARFAC members pay only $10.00 for the first certificate and $1.00 each for any additional certificates sent at the same time. Please allow two weeks to process Certificates of Canadian Origin.

For more information, contact the CARFAC National office.

Download the Certificate of Canadian Origin.